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Commonly Asked Questions

Do I have to be with a Corporation to place an order?
No, you do not have to be with a corporation to place an order. However, you still must order the minimum quantities required for each item.

What type of art is accepted and how do I get you the art?
All submitted artwork must be vector based and saved in an EPS format converted to curves or outlines. See artwork requirements link for more information. An art email address will be provided to you in your order acknowledgement. We require your Job# and company name to be placed in the subject line to insure your art will match up with your order.

Can my order be RUSHED?
In most cases we can rush your order. Most orders take 7-10 business days to produce from signed acknowledgement and good EPS vectored artwork. If you know you have a shorter time frame, please let your customer care person know and we will make every effort to meet your time frame.

Please be advised that RUSH service usually has a RUSH FEE associated with the order. The Rush fee will be different depending on the type of item and the factory producing the item. Be prepared to ship your items via Overnight or 2nd Day Air to meet your deadline. In most cases, a RUSH means no paper proof and your art must meet our guidelines when the order is placed. Failure to meet either of these and we will have to turn down your order.

What are overruns/underruns?
An overrun/underrun can occur in production on most all imprint items. Occasionally, it also happens with other items as well. It is part of the factory quality control process. The factory will produce at least 10% more product than ordered. As the item is produced it is checked for quality and those that do not make the grade are tossed. The rest are shipped to you. -

Your are charged for any overruns, and we deduct for any underruns. These charges will show up on your final invoice, with your shipping and handling charges.

I must have no less than a certain amount. Can this be guaranteed?
We can put the words "NO UNDERRUNS" on the purchase order to the factory. There may be a charge from the factory associated with this. Please ask your customer care representative when placing your order.

Why do you require an image or paper proof?
In many cases, art is sent to our offices from your art department, or in a format that you cannot open easily from your desktop. We require a proof be approved by you to insure that the art that was given to us, is the actual art you expected to use on this project and that it has been placed properly on the item. The proof is also a chance for you make any necessary changes that might arise prior to your order going in to full production.

How long will it take to produce my order?
Most orders ship within 7-10 business days of receipt of usable .eps vectored art (converted to curves or outlines) being provided to us, and your signature on the order acknowledgment that was emailed to you when you placed your order. The production time does Not include time in transit via a national carrier like UPS or FEDEX.

What do you mean by set up fee?
A set up fee is the amount paid to our factory to set up your logo for that particular item. It may also be called a screen fee or a die fee depending on the type of product you are decorating. The fee is based on the item you purchase and the factory that you select to decorate that item. If you purchase an award from factory A, you pay a set up fee for that item from factory A. If you order next year the same award and make no changes to your logo, you may pay a reduced set up fee or no set up fee based on the factory rules. If you select a different item from the same factory or another item from a different factory you will incur a new set up fee. Set up fees are based on the item per factory, not with Creative Expressions.

How long does my art stay on file?
This usually varies per factory, but normally your art will stay on file for a period of two years. If you place your order after two years, a new set up fee will be charged. Creative Expressions is not the factory, so although we do hold your art on file as a convenience to you, we do not hold the dies, the plates or the screens. These are held by the individual factory and they do not keep them indefinately. Any changes to your art will cause you to pay a new set up fee.

Can my order be shipped to multiple locations?
In most cases the answer is yes. Each individual factory has their own sets of rules for drop shipping to separate destinations and their own associated fees. Please ask your customer care representative about drop ship templates when shipping to more than 5 different locations. Templates must be filled out exactly as shown in order to take advantage of the lowest price in drop ship fees.

Drop ship fees do not include shipper boxes, ice (in warm weather) or shipping costs unless specifically stated on your order acknowledgement. These associated costs are additional. We will present you with an order acknowledgment prior to processing your order so there will not be any big surprises. Shipping charges can be estimated, but it is only an estimate and you will be charged for the final shipping 7-10 business days after your order ships. Feel free to use your own shipper number if you choose. (Please note, some factories will charge you a 3rd party fee to use your own shipper number).

Is shipping included in the cost of the products?
No. Shipping is at an additional charge. You will usually see this as a second charge on your credit card statement approximately 10 business days after your order ships. You can feel free to provide us with your own shipper number if you wish. However, you may still incur handling charges.

Has my order shipped?
The morning after your order ships, we will notify you via email. Included in your email will be a tracking number for your shipment. We encourage you to track your package online or on the phone with the carrier. Most companies can provide an estimated delivery date. After placing an order with Creative Expressions please White List: @acorporategift.com, so you will be able to receive all correspondence from our customer care representatives.

How do I cancel an item in my order or cancel my entire order? If you wish to cancel an order that is already in progress, you will need to follow up your phone call with a written email or fax to confirm cancellation. There may be a $50 cancellation fee, and you may be charged for any part of the order production that could not be stopped prior to your notification. - In addition, if you place an order and you do not approve proofs in a timely fashion, or the factory has to hold stock for longer than 30 days, the factory will automatically cancel your order and you will be charged a cancellation fee of $50, plus any administrative fees and art related proof fees. Please Note: if you have ordered from more than one factory and are cancelling items from each factory, you may incur more than one $50 fee.

How do I track my order?
The morning after your order ships, we will notify you via email. Included in your email will be a tracking number for your shipment. We encourage you to track your package online or on the phone with the carrier. Most companies can provide an estimated delivery date.

My order never arrived
Be sure that all of the items in your order have shipped. If you received your package tracking numbers, check with the shipper to confirm that your packages were delivered. If your packages each show a status of "delivered", please verify the name of the person who signed for your packages. In most cases, your order is in your building with the person who signed for them and they have not been delivered to you yet. If your package says "delivered" and you are unable to identify the signer, call customer care at (888) 249-0420 to verify that the shipper delivered to the correct address.

An item is missing from my shipment
Be sure that all of the items in your order have shipped already. If your order displays your Package Tracking Numbers, check with the shipper to confirm that your packages were delivered. If your packages each show a status of "delivered", please contact customer care for assistance.

Can my company have an open account with Creative Expressions?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and company check. All orders are prepaid.

Creative Expression's Foreign shipment policy is as follows:
ORDERS TO CANADA & Outside the Continental U.S. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover in US Funds.

All orders shipped to Canada are subject to a Canadian tax (GST) and brokers fees on the recipients end. This tax is charged by the Canadian government and it is NOT included in your normal shipping and handling charges. It is paid on the receiving end and not the shipping side.

For all other foreign orders, there is a minimum order of $200USD. Your order must be shipped with the purchasers shipping account number. We will require you to provide to Creative Expressions a letter stating that Creative Expressions of Tampa Bay Inc., has permission to use your shipper number in regard to the purchase you have made and that you agree to pay all taxes, tariffs and duties involved with getting the shipment to your destination. THIS LETTER MUST BE ON YOUR LETTERHEAD and signed by an officer of your company. We do not ship to residential addresses outside of the Continental U.S.

I am outside the U.S. and want to ship within the U.S do you take credit cards? For all orders originating in a foreign country whether they are being shipped in the U.S. or outside of the U.S are required to prepay amount due in USD via wire transfer. We will provide you with an order acknowledgment at the time of your order with the cost of the order. Production will not begin until we receive your wire.

Foreign Orders - When will my order ship?
For Imprinted (decorated) items, providing that you have turned in good useable .eps vectored artwork and approve your proof in a timely manner, your order usually will ship within 10 business days. See individual item details for more information on shipping availability.

Foreign Orders - How are shipping charges determined?
Shipping charges are determined by where the factory is located and your final destination. We can give you the weight of the cartons, the amount of cartons and the zip code of the factory producing your item. You will then need to contact your shipper to find out what your rate will be to your country. You may also want to check on any restrictions about bringing in merchandise from the US to your country. Creative Expressions is not responsible for items rejected by the Customs Department.

All product details and prices are subject to change without notice. CEShoppes is not responsible for errors in pricing, or price increases. All food items, and some awards not available at time of shipping may, at the factory's discretion be substituted for an item of equal or greater value. You will receive an order acknowledgement that must be signed prior to us placing your order with the factory. The correct pricing, if incorrect on the website will be shown here. We make every effort possible to obtain correct pricing from our factories and place that pricing on the website as soon as we are notified of price changes.

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