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Uncle John's Fried Rice Recipe

1 box Uncle Ben's boil-in-bag white rice (4 bags per box)- we used brown rice -
1.25 pounds pork steak, boneless chops, etc.
1 large green pepper
1 large onion
12 eggs
bit of olive oil, butter, or whatever for saute'
Soy sauce
large-ish stockpot
largest skillet you have
sharp chef's knife



Tristan did his best to make this like Uncle John - It tasted the same - Just not with the same flair that Uncle John, an experienced cook has in the kitchen.

Here we go, & if you do it in this order just like Uncle John - it comes out all finished together in under an hour, & that's with all prep + cooking + total clean up, yay!!. And from eating it over the years - you KNOW how big a pot of fried rice this makes, therefore you'll have PLENTY for the week. Or if you love it as much as I do - eat it for every breakfast, lunch, & dinner until it's gone, woo!

1. Put stockpot of water on to boil.
2. Begin chopping up green pepper, onion, & pork, approx 3/4" pieces.
3. Drop rice bags in pot as soon as water boiling & turn to low-ish.
4. Finish chopping if not already completed.
5. Whisk up your dozen eggs
6. Heat tsp or so of olive oil or butter in skillet.
7. Add eggs to skillet & scramble them to very-hard-scramble stage.
8. Get that rice out as soon as done & drop bags in colander in sink to drain.
9. Dump your scrambled eggs in the stockpot used for rice.
10. Add a bit more oil/butter to same skillet used for eggs.
11. Drop pork into skillet & cook til almost done.
12. Add green peppers & onions to pork & cook til onions translucent & green peppers no longer crunchy. Add soy sauce along the way to juice it up. Not too much or will be too salty.
13. Dump finished pork mixture & rice into stockpot with eggs. Gently mix thoroughly. Add more soy sauce as needed.
14. Wash up skillet, colander, & whatever you used to chop on & with. (Omit this step if you are a lazy sort, then regret it later, & remember I told you so.)
15. Harass everyone who isn't yet at the table, but in a good way because, after all, you are being Uncle John.
16. Wait impatiently, dramatically, & comically as wines are discussed & chosen & all glasses are filled which should have already been done while your back was turned cooking & washing.
17. Make sure everyone is at table with a heaping plate before you sit down.
18. EAT. And EAT. And EAT.
19. Remember you were going to have salad with this & then say, "Who needs salad when there is fried rice to be had?!"
20. Pour more wine.

Directions, notes and sarcasm written by Aunt Geralyn


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